Bachelor of Arts


Deptt. of Economics :

  • 1 Vacant
  • 2 Vacant

Deptt. of Political Science :

  • 1 Vacant

Deptt. of History :

  • 1 Vacant

Deptt. of Home Science :

  • 1 Vacant

Deptt. of Library :

  • 1 Vacant

Deptt. of Music :

  • 1 Vacant

Deptt. of Library :

  • 1 Vacant

Deptt. of Hindi :

  • Dr. Kamal Kishore
  • M.A., M.Phil., Phd
  • Dr. Kusum Lata(SF)
  • M.A., M.Phil., Phd

Deptt. of English :

  • Dr.Mrs. Arpana Sharma (M.A., M.Phil. , Ph.D.)
  • Prof. Amarjeet Singh Mann (B.Tech, UGC Net) [Under Self financing scheme]

Ministerial Staff :

  • Vacant
  • Superintendent
  • Vacant
  • SeniorAssistant
  • Sh. Vinod Kumar
    Office Incharge
  • Mrs Veena Devi(SF)

Laboratory Staff :

  • Sh. Subhash Chand Saini
  • Sh Suraj Kamal Sahore
  • Sh. Rakesh Kumar
  • Sh. Rajiv Kumar
  • Sh. Ravi Kumar
  • Sh. Vipin Kumar

Other Supporting Staff :

  • Sh. Jallandhar Majhi

ADMISSION TO B.A. Ist Semester (Under Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan) (R.U.S.A)

  • Major Subject
  • History (60)
  • Poi. Science (60)
  • Economics (60)
  • English (60)
  • Mathematics (60)
  • Hindi(60)
  • Music
  • Minor/Elective Subjects (Choose any two)
  • Poi, Sc., Eco. Home Science, Music, Hindi or English
  • History,…………. Do …………
  • Sanskrit, History, Poi. Science, Mathematics, English or Hindi, Computer
  • History, Poi. Science, Mathematics, Home Science, Computer
  • English, Sanskrit, Home Science, Economics, Computer
  • Poi. Science, Economics, Music, Home Science, History
  • …………. Do …………

Students must be careful that:

  • Students, opting Mathematics as Major Subject, shall not be allowed to choose History, Music, Poi. Science and Hindi as minor/Elective Subject(s)
  • Students opting History/Poi. Science as major subject(s) shall not be allowed to choose mathematics as Minor/Elective Subject.
  • Students opting English as major subject shall not be allowed to choose Hindi as minor subject
  • Students opting Hindi as major subject shall not be allowed to choose English/Sanskrit as minor/Elective Subject(s).
  • Subject of Home Science, Sanskdt and Computers are not allowed/offered as Major Subjects.
  • In addition to Major and Minor/Elective subjects all students shatl have to study some compulsory and G.I & Hobby papers to be offered as per available infrastructure of the college.
  • As number of seats for each Major subject are limited, admission is to be made strictly according to Merit list to be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in +2 (XII) class examination.
  • Students are not allowed to change the major/minor/elective subjects after the admission is finalised.
  • A student may apply for more than one major subject. For this purpose he/she will have to apply seperately.
  • Additional Fees for studying computer will be charged @ Rs. 1500/- Per Semester

Number of seats

  • There will be 60 seats for each major subject


  • As per H.P. University rules 75% seats will be filled out of the candidates who have passed their +2 examination from the schools situated in Himachal Pradesh irrespective of the board. Remaining 25% seats will be filled on ali India basis. Other reservation of H.P. University shall be applicable, However the seats can be offered to the other candidates, if candidates from Himachal are not available.

Examination Scheme of B.A under RUSA Out of 100 marks of a subject:

  • Annual Examination
    50 Marks (to be conducted by HPU)
  • Ist Term Exam
    15 Marks to be held as notified by the college
  • IInd Term Exam
    15 Marks to be held as notified by the college
  • Assignment
    15 Marks to be submitted as notified by the college
  • Class Attendance
    05 Marks (as per details given below)

Weightage for attendance

  • ≥75% but >80%
    1 mark
  • ≥80% but >85%
    2 mark
  • ≥85% but >90%
    3 mark
  • ≥90% but >90%
    4 mark
  • ≥95%
    5 mark

B.A —-> 2nd year

Admission to 2nd year (3rd Semester) of B.A Under R.U.S.A.

  • All Bonafide students of the college who have appeared as regular candidate from our college shall be promoted and admitted to 2nd year (3rd Sem.) on provisional basis On payment of all dues.
  • It must be noted carefully by the students of B.A. and B.Sc. that major and Minor/Elective subjects can not be changed in 2nd year of the course. However students of B.Com. shall continue with the subjects as offered bythe university.

B.A —-> 3rd year

THE SCHEME FOR INTERNAL ASSESSMENT FOR B.A Part III only (Under Old System). Vide University Letter No. 6- 38/2005 (SUG) – HPU (Acad) dt. 4 June 2007)

Formula for Internal Assessment

  • 20% of the Maximum Marks in each paper for InternalAssessment
  • % for University Examination
  • 20% assigned to Internal Assessment to be Sub-divided as follows.
  • 15% for House Examinations
  • 5% for Regularity in attendance

Weightage for attendance

  • 75% to 79%
    1 mark
  • 80% to 82%>
    2 mark
  • 83% to 85%>
    3 mark
  • 86% to 88%
    4 mark
  • 89% and above
    5 mark