Shri Vishnu SD Post Graduate College Bhatoli        01975-256044

Department of Botany

Department of botany established in the year 1979. Botany department of SVSD PG College is running academic program at UG level. The department consists of a department office, a laboratory and a museum. The lab is well maintained and equipped with microscope, specimens, and other experimental apparatuses. The department is enriched with learning resources such as charts, museum, specimens, permanent slides, models and many more.

Goals and objectives:

  • The main objective of this course is to not only provide academic knowledge but also enhance knowledge of botany at aesthetic level.
  • To enhance student’s perception and observational skills.
  • And to know the intricacy of nature’s creation and its perfection.


  1. Naina Devi Assistant Professor Botany M.Sc, HP SET, GATE (HOD)
  2. Ravi Kumar Lab attendant  MA

Course content: (Botany minor)

  1. sc 1st year Plant biodiversity BOTA 101PR

                                   Plant ecology and taxonomy BOTA 102PR

  1. sc 2nd year Plant anatomy and embryology BOTA 201PR

                                   Plant physiology and metabolism BOTA 202PR

  1. sc 3rd year Economic botany and biotechnology BOTA 301PR

                       Cell and molecular biology BOTA 303PR

Enrollment strength:

  1. sc 1st year = 33
  2. sc 2nd year =23
  3. sc 3rd year =25