Shri Vishnu SD Post Graduate College Bhatoli        01975-256044

Department of Political Science

 Establishment – 1970

Political Science is one of the major  and  important branches of Social sciences. The study of Political science helps to understand the democratic setup of any country of the world.This subject provides valuable information and ideas about State, Government, Political organizations and institutions to the individuals, beside it also helps to develop leadership skills. The subject has been running successfully in this institution since its inception. Political Science is offered as one the Discipline Specific Core Course for the degree course in the Arts faculty.

The Department of Political Science is one of the important departments of SVSD PG College, Bhatoli. The department has till now produced a galaxy of scholars, statesmen, bureaucrats and leaders. The Department of Political Science is offering BA with Political Science under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). The degree program offered by the department of Political Science consists of Discipline Specific Core and Elective Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses and Generic Elective Courses.

Faculty Profile 

Mr. Atul Kumar, Assistant Professor (M.A.,NET, SET, PhD Pursuing).