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Department of Economics


                             “A Dynamic economy begins with a good Education “

The Department of Economics was established in the institution in the early 1970s. Economics being a beautiful blend of Science and Art helps in providing the students with broad educational experience to understand the concepts and working of an economic system nationally and at a global level. Department of Economics in the institution offers the undergraduate course as of now, wherein the students can choose the subject along with the other combinations of subjects offered within the discipline of Arts. The students are taught a wide variety of sub-subjects like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Indian Economy, Money and Banking, Public Finance and others. The curriculum of the subject has been recommended, approved and designed by the Himachal Pradesh University. The department has well qualified faculty to provide in-depth exposure and support to students imparting them with the confidence and understanding to allow them to view the subject of Economics in an open and holistic perspective.

Faculty Profile

Miss. Swarima Verma, Assistant Professor (MA (Economics);NET, PhD (pursuing)